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Providing Grocery Gift Cards to Families and Individuals

Did you know that 59% of Americans are just one paycheck away from being homeless?1 Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck so when an unexpected event happens, like a severe illness, work injury, or a major house or car repair; they may be forced to make difficult choices about what to cut. We are here to help families through these tough times so they don’t have to decide between food and other necessities. We give gift cards for groceries to individuals and families who just need a little extra help.

References: 1https://centsai.com/homelessness-a-paycheck-away-for-most-americans/

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Working Together to Help Our Community

What is Hunger and How Can You Help?

The Impacts of Food Insecurity Are Greater Than Hunger

Food insecurities can damage a child’s ability to learn and grow.

How Can You Help?

You can help by making a donation so individuals don’t have to decide between food, bills and medicine.

Food Insecurity Is a Growing Problem

With the pandemic, individuals suffering from food insecurities will top 42 million in 2021.

Hunger Hits Some Communities Harder

Black/African Americans and Hispanics are almost twice as likely to suffer from food insecurity than white Americans.

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